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Player Code of Conduct

RPYSC is committed to the long-term development of the youth soccer player as a well-rounded athlete, and productive, respected member of society. Excellent gamesmanship in the form of healthy competition coincides with an overall attitude of community awareness and the desire to be a good citizen. Therefore, each player will be expected to follow the Grand Valley Soccer Association Code of Conduct principles, and each parent is expected to help enforce these principles.

  1. Players understand that soccer is a team sport and absences from practice or games may hurt the team. Players unable to attend training or games should let their coach know as soon as the information is available.

  2. Players will not use alcohol or illegal substances at any time.

  3. Players will not use profanity at any time, especially at practices and games.

  4. Team captains will make themselves known to the referee and assist in the managing of the match as required by the referee. Team captains are encouraged to respectfully ask for clarification of referee decisions during the match if teammates have questions. Team captains will assist the Referee by helping to manage teammates who exhibit poor behavior during a match. Team captains are the on‐field Representative of the Club and the League!

  5. Players will show respect to the referees. Players will not show dissent to a referee. Players will accept responsibility for all fouls issued. Players will positively acknowledge the referee’s effort after a game regardless of the outcome.

  6. Players will show respect to the other team’s players. Players will not be allowed to taunt an opposing player. Players will shake hands with their opponents after each game.

  7. Players accept victory and defeat with dignity.

  8. Players will show respect to their coaches.

  9. Players will show respect to their parents.

  10. Players will work to promote a model of a top soccer athlete: good skills, sound fundamentals, clean and fair play.

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