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Parent Code of Conduct

Parents of players serve as important role models to their children and to all the other children that they come in contact with on and around the soccer field. Therefore, RPYSC expects each parent to agree to the following CODE OF CONDUCT principles:

  1. Parents will learn and understand the rules of the game for each specific league/tournament, etc

  2. Parents will respect the integrity and judgment of the referees

  3. Parents will refrain from challenging referee calls

  4. Parents will show appreciation of good play by both teams

  5. Parents will respect the Captains of either team and support them throughout the match

  6. Parents will refrain from “coaching” any player from the sidelines

  7. Parents will cheer and show encouragement at all times

  8. Parents will follow the 48 ‐ hours rule before contacting coaches after a game

  9. Parents will help enforce the Player CODE OF CONDUCT

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