You Are Trying Out For An RPYSC Select Team...

Our 2014/15 season tryout information packet is available for download here:

This includes detailed information on our select program as well as the tryout registration form. Any players who tryout for teams outside of the June tryouts should review this packet and complete the tryout form for club records.



You Have Accepted An Offer...

Our 2014/15 season combined registration packet is available for download here:



The GVSA calendar for deadlines leading up the start of the Fall 2014 season are published here. There are two critical deadlines that teams must beware of.

  • Team committments must be submitted by the club to the league in the first week of July. Although we don't have to submit detailed rosters at this time, coaches must be confident they will be able to meet minimum roster numbers before we will commit (and pay for) a team. We cannot add new teams after this committment deadline. Coaches should select their preferred division at this time.
  • Individual player registrations and birth certificates for players new to GVSA are required to be submitted no later than the 3rd week of July.

For the first week of July deadline the club, with inputs from coaches, must submit:

For the third week of July deadline the club, with inputs from coaches and players must submit the following information:

Although not required for GVSA registration, we recommend coaches also take this opportunity to have players complete:

These should be retained by coaches and be available for reference by officials at ALL games. These are usually required for entry into MSYSA tournaments. Please note that the medical release must be notarized. Teams may decide to have a notary present at a signing party. Alternatively parents can often find free notary services at their bank or insurance office.

RPYSC is requiring players to include their registration fee with their player registration form. Total registration fee is $150 for a full year season. U15+ play a half season with a reduced registration fee of $100. For the 2014/15 season we no longer include the cost of an MSYSA tournament. If teams decide to attend a tournament, coaches will collect those fees seperate from registrations. Players have the option of paying the total at the time of registration or 50% at registration and the remaining 50% no later than the start of the GVSA season in early September. Pass cards will be released upon complete payment of registration. Please make checks payable to RPYSC.

Players will be required to purchase a uniform package. Your team coach may consolidate orders for new teams or you can order directly through JFK.

Players may personalize jerseys with their last name and the word select on the sleeve. This is optional but we do require that personalization be consistent within a team. In other words, if the team decides to add last names and/or the word select on a sleeve, all jerseys in the team should be the same. Also note that there should be no duplicate jersey numbers within a single select team. Players may have to pick a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of jersey number when ordering to avoid clashes. Consult your coach to determine existing player numbers.

All forms should be completed and submitted to your coach. Coaches can use our club contact page, phone or email if there are any questions.


Select Forms and Information

This page includes links to forms and additional information on our select program.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our select program, not covered on this page.